Hong Kong’s Best Shopping Guide

Let’s face it, people come to Hong Kong for 2 motives: Shopping and Partying. Oh, there may be the Big Buddha, Disneyland, the Peak, and so forth…, but that is simply if you are bored of partying or shopping. And agree with me, it’s far difficult to get bored of these options.

And truthful enough, Hong Kong is a purchasing heaven. From the Street Markets to the Designer stores, there is some thing for each person here. And now the primary question: How do I get cheap stuff!?!

Fact #1: If you’re seeking out original or designer put on, Hong Kong is NOT the cheapest place to save. What you DO have is choice. You can locate ANYTHING right here. Every road nook has a Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Armani Exchange.

Fact #2: YOU CAN ASK FOR A DISCOUNT IN ANY STORE! Yes, meaning in case you walk into an electronics chain, Armani store or avenue shop, ASK if there may be any bargain. Nine out of 10 instances, they’ll come up with a discount.

Fact #three: DO NOT keep for electronics on little roadside shops! Go to the large digital chain shops like Broadway and Fortress. They might be less expensive, and FACT #2 usually works right here. Often they may quote you a higher fee than their show rate, before you even ask for the bargain. And you are becoming genuine products with worldwide warranty. If you’re searching out funky electronics, no longer your trendy branded electronics, that go to Sham Shui Po. The Golden Dragon Computer arcade has a wide desire of PC elements, video games, non-wellknown electronics (like PMPs, Chinese made mobile phones), and every video console underneath the sun.